My stuckist paintings - my very beginning in painting

25-02-2019 12:51

Innocence 115x75

Lou - not for sale

Kundrie - not for sale

Individuality - acryl on canvas 40X50 350  euroIndividuality 

Spread the love Acyl on Canvas 40 X 50 400 euroSpread the love 40X50 

J'accuse 40x50  SOLD




Plus est en vous 40X50 

Behind closed doors 

Don't look back 40X50

Salomé in vain 40X50 

Cry me a flower 40X50 

Growing pains - sold

Gossip is a snake - 40 x 115

Encounters with Lou Salomé Acryl 40X50 350 euroEncounters With Lou Salomé 40X50 

MeduKnopsa Acryl on canvas 40 X 50 400 euroMeduKnopskaya 40X50

Payback Time 

the PubArt-poster made@DeFloerenAap 

Not Sold, but used by another artist in his Viewmaster-project @gallery Mix-Art- Dilbeek - The loved one and only Johan Van der Burght who is deeply missed